Using the secret behind artificial intelligence so you can learn faster

Photo by Tim de Groot on Unsplash

People don’t like failing or being wrong, but exactly those two things will allow anyone to be better at anything.

This is literally how machine learning and AI work, by being wrong 50,000 times per day until eventually it solves the problem. No human can be wrong so many times per day, but increasing the rate of failure is usually enough to get on the right track.

Edison say this about his brightest invention, the light bulb

Every single iteration of the 1000 failures gave Edison information that he could use to make the first light bulb that worked, failing isn’t a waste of time, getting it right the first time actually teaches you less.

Statistically, if you buy a single lottery ticket, your chances are ridiculously low. If you buy 1,000,000 lottery tickets, you severely increased your chances. Everything you do in life is like buying a lottery ticket, but the odds are usually astronomically more in your favor. Do more of anything, and you’ll get better at it.

Don’t actually buy 1,000,000 lottery tickets, focus your efforts in something better

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