To The Panic Buyers

You’re not wrong, but…

But shops won’t close!

All the experts state that shops won’t close and food will keep coming. But an entire board of experts at the WHO also said this was nothing to worry about.

Do you catch my drift?

The countries/places producing the food will also have issues continuing to produce if the supply chains for things like fertilizer, packaging, animal feed, and other stuff-we-take-for-granted break down.

Even something as simple as none of their employees being able to go to work will impact production.

And you can be sure the producers will keep all the food they can for themselves. As usual, people in cities will be in a worse position.

Whether or not you’re one of the broken eggs is up to you and your individual choices.

Don’t count on anyone but yourself and the action you can take. (This applies to everything, by the way.)

We’re unpredictable creatures that act upon our best interests to ensure our survival. That’s the basic instinct that has kept us alive.

As much as some of us would like to think, we haven’t evolved into selfless creatures —we’re the same we were 50,000 years ago. To think otherwise shows a severe lack of understanding of human nature and reality.

To the people who bought out entire stores: I salute you, but if shit really hits the fan, share with those in need.

By stepping in when those who should have didn’t, you’ll be making a serious difference and perhaps your “paranoia” will be seen differently when it’s the difference between someone eating their old leather shoes or eating some canned fish with rice.

Strong opinions, loosely held.

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