This Title Is Disputed

And how something being disputed means nothing

Amando Abreu


TL;DR; Mostly everything is or can be disputed.

To put “This is disputed” warnings on only some of the things, you skew reality in favor of whomever you want, and control the narrative in a sly and cowardly way.

Something being disputed doesn’t mean anything, the scientific method exists precisely because of this. Everything can be disputed, and most things are.

All things are subject to interpretation. whichever interpretation prevails at a given time is a function of power and not truth. — Friedrich Nietzsche

What is true at any given moment has very little to do with truth, and more to do with power.

Something true can be said to be untrue or simply have doubt cast onto it by those in power.

The matter of fact is that more things than you’d wish aren’t completely knowable, and decisions have to made with incomplete data every single time.

The feeling of certainty created by manipulating appearances is what con-men know how to do. But reality is so complicated that many people need to be conned into doing what is best for them, so the problem here isn’t even the con-men.

Even those in power can’t or don’t know all there is to know about the particular subject. And sometimes those in power aren’t more than an ideologically possessed angry mob. And, sadly, an angry mob is the most powerful thing in a society. The only way to govern such a mob would be something the CCP is doing. Which isn’t great either.(depending on who you are).


To me, “this claim is disputed”, sounds like “this is heresy”. And, in an argument, the side that is less open to nuance is the side that is most likely further from the truth.

All claims are and can be disputed, but you don’t see twitter putting that warning on tweets by “the other side”.