The ultimate career reality check for developers

This has nothing to do with code

“Highway 212 with multiple high slope hills and complete tree coverage on both sides of the road” by Matt Duncan on Unsplash

A business’s only goal is to maximize revenue and minimize expenditure.

Before the job search

Find out what you want

Job search

Don’t browse jobs in the same website you use to look for used furniture

The good jobs


Your interviewer is never friendly

At work

1) You’re going to make mistakes

2) Your manager isn’t your friend

Photo by rawpixel on Unsplash

3) Nobody cares about you

4) Be wary of ping pong tables and yoga rooms

5) Get a life outside work

6) Your co-workers are your main competition

7) Don’t be too humble

8) Nothing you’ve done matters.

9) The people who pay you don’t give a shit about code.

10) Tech doesn’t matter

11) If you’re not learning, leave.

Unrelated, but, the book spiderman is reading “The Decision Book” is pretty solid

12) Learn to negotiate.

13) The people above you might not know what they’re doing

14) Save up

15) Don’t accept a low starting salary

16) No one is going to miss you when you leave

17) You’re not irreplaceable

18) Most money is in side-hustles and job hopping


You might get a counter-offer

You might be manipulated

Final thoughts

Strong opinions, loosely held.

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