The person responsible for giving the feedback should be accountable if they don’t. However, it’s not always clear who that is. Is it always the team lead? At trivago I’ve had feedback I wanted to give, but:

  • I wasn’t too sure how to give feedback directly to the person in question
  • I was afraid that my inept feedback session would cause more harm than good
  • I was not sure how the feedback would be received
  • I was afraid of telling my team lead because it could be understood wrong

The result of me not giving feedback was about 3 months of very broken work being done, and caused another co-worker and myself to have to spend time fixing it. In the end, a junior managed to create negative work, all because of lack of timely feedback.

Feedback should be in near real-time — a standup meeting is the perfect place to detect if there is some feedback to be given— if you wait 5 months for certain types of feedback, you also create 5 months of resentment, and 5 months to make everything worse.

Perhaps some serious feedback giving/receiving training sessions are necessary?

Strong opinions, loosely held.

Strong opinions, loosely held.