The day I used the Microsoft ecosystem for the second first time

So, one day, Microsoft bought GitHub. This made a lot of people angry.

So, so angry that they tweeted about it. TWICE!

I got curious to check out what good old MS has been doing. The last time I developed on Microsoft was back in the days of Frontpage before my balls dropped:

As I was asking myself if Frontpage still existed, I came across their new(to me) tooling.

Turns out they make it easy for me to use either C#, or node(for server side).

Since I already know nodeJS fairly well, I decide to try C#. Even though I’ve been avoiding any language that starts with the letter C since I cried over pointers when I was 15.

  • I install visual studio code
  • Write a simple hello world function app
  • Seamlessly setup version control
  • And seamlessly deploy to Azure

Wait, what the fuck? Did I just deploy a serverless app without hardly leaving the IDE and it all *just* works?

I feel like either the linux/mac crowd was hiding this from me my whole life, or I was simply too judgemental of MS based on using Frontpage in 2005 on an outdated Windows 98 computer that looked like this:

This reminded me not to forget about dusting off old things and taking a new look at them sometimes, they might blow my mind!


Azure, VSCode, and the MS ecosystem all have their issues, just like everything else, and things get exponentially more complex as your app grows bigger than “hello world”. Don’t forget to prototype before choosing a flavour!

Also: be wary when things “just work”, as you’ll have to eventually deal with the hidden complexity when the shit hits the fan.

*I also write somewhere else about several topics:

Strong opinions, loosely held.

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