Nice catch :)

I’m still unsure how to word it in a short and concise way, but basically:

Now we do a lot of stuff, and no play. So whilst adding fuel to the fire of problems we have, we’re also unhappy. The quality of our thoughts is reduced, and it’s just not so nice.

By being lazier(what I call our “natural state”) and learning to play, it means we will do less stuff — have fun doing it — and be happier.

It sounds extremely naïve, but I promise this is based on a lot of reading and popular theories about performance and personal satisfaction.

You might think that by playing we will still make problems, and it’s true, the only way to not make problems is by not doing anything, so I simply suggest slowing down the rate of creating problems by taking things less seriously and playing.

Thanks for pointing out the inconsistency, one of my biggest writing struggles is to not make every post 10,000 words, when it comes time to boil it down to 400 I lose a lot of detail!

Strong opinions, loosely held.

Strong opinions, loosely held.