Innovation is dead because thinking is illegal

And how stifling thought inevitably stifles progress

Amando Abreu


A lot of people are invested in telling a story a certain way. You cannot question the narrative, or you’re gonna be in trouble.

The story they want to tell is underway. Don’t question anything about it no matter how much you see through the seams of it all. Ignore your eyes and ears, do what they tell you to. Look where they tell you to look. Don’t question their motives.

Anything that changes the paradigm too much is out of bounds. Solve the problems they tell you exist, don’t question the premise, and ignore your eyes and ears to problems you see.

You want to reduce Co2? Good!

Think perhaps mindless action to affect a single metric is naïve at best and stupid at worst? Get out of here.

You want to expand the impact of renewable energy? Great!

Oh what was that? You focused on the only realistic option, nuclear, so please, get out of here!

You want to reduce meat consumption for-your-healthby forcing a heavily processed meat substituteinto people’s mouths? Great!

Think that perhaps governments telling you what you should and should not eat is mostly due to financial incentive and less about health or the environment? Get out of here!

Thinking is not allowed anymore. The problems you’re allowed to work on have to fit the story they want to tell, or else.

Very few people believe the lies they try to force. But enough people pretend to do so. Perhaps some get so personally invested in the lies that they too, start believing them. After all, it’s a documented tactic of re-education to force subjects to repeat things they know are lies.

But if when you reward solving useless problems that never get to the root of the issues, you get people solving useless problems that never get to the root of the issues. It’s a gigantic waste of human capital.