I don’t fully agree with point number 3, or maybe I didn’t understand it.

Strangely enough, that exact topic has been on my mind lately. A leader’s scope of work is different, so it would be very hard to do the same work as the people you’re leading, no?

Example: an Olympic power lifter is training/leading me. I want to go from nothing to maximizing my power lifting career. His level is insanely higher than mine, and requires different training, much higher weights than I can physically move, and a very specific warm-up to his body composition and old injuries.

I cannot jump into his intense training or I’ll get injured, and I may not need to copy his exact warm-up. If, instead, he puts aside his own training to accommodate what mine lacks, he’s simply wasting time.

I’d really like your opinion on this Nicolas Cole hope my analogy made sense!

Strong opinions, loosely held.

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