How to create a startup in 2020(parody)

So, you want to create a startup, well, sit down and let me explain how this works by telling you the story of Jane, a fictional startup founder created for this tutorial.

Finding your product

Jane could choose only one of the following ideas to pursue:

  1. Food delivery by bike messenger platform
  2. Food delivery by bike messenger platform backed by blockchain

Investigate & learn



After being very pumped up about the idea for 2 weeks, it becomes obvious that she needs to work full-time on this, so she quits her job.

Building a company, office, and team

  1. Office must have a yoga room
  2. Hire 6 employees, buy them all macs & external screens
  3. Create a company culture based on getting wasted & hooking up with your co-workers, use this to justify paying them below market salaries
  4. Buy at least 1 ping pong table

First launch

Photo by Bill Jelen on Unsplash

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