A PSA for non-technical people in tech companies

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And how something being disputed means nothing

Call it quits if your client shows too many of these traits

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This happened in 2016 but I never published it, so, here it goes.

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Finding your product

Jane could choose only one of the following ideas to pursue:

  1. A platform that uses AI to do something unspecified
  2. Food delivery by bike messenger platform
  3. Food delivery by bike messenger platform backed by blockchain

Do you want help or do you just want to feel helped?

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  1. feel capable of taking on the entire world
  2. feel very good about yourself
  3. feel super-duper optimistic
  4. feel like things are really simple

Because it told you what you wanted to read

Whenever you read something you already partially believe, you feel good about it. Turns out you were right all along, and all will be fine.

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You’re not wrong, but…

A short motivational story

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“I’ve found a way to hack gambling sites”

He said.

The most widely used development methodology

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Amando Abreu

Strong opinions, loosely held.

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