And how something being disputed means nothing

TL;DR; Mostly everything is or can be disputed.

To put “This is disputed” warnings on only some of the things, you skew reality in favor of whomever you want, and control the narrative in a sly and cowardly way.

Something being disputed doesn’t mean anything, the scientific method exists precisely…

Do you want help or do you just want to feel helped?

If the self-help book you just read made you:

  1. feel capable of taking on the entire world
  2. feel very good about yourself
  3. feel super-duper optimistic
  4. feel like things are really simple

it was probably garbage. Why?

Because it told you what you wanted to read

Whenever you read something you already partially believe, you feel good about it. …

You’re not wrong, but…

Stores throughout the world are hitting stocking problems as people are buying out food and other necessities. The people telling them not to buy stuff are the same people that didn’t believe the virus would reach pandemic status. So, who’s right?

Panic buying is done by those who didn’t believe…

Amando Abreu

Strong opinions, loosely held.

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